Endoscope Thresholds released

When are rigid endoscopes still ok for usage? Advised Endoscope threshold now released!

To guarantee the optical quality of a rigid endoscope, endoscope Thresholds and an objective measurement device is needed to detect defects on endoscopes. The ScopeControl has been developed to measure all of the key optical parameters. This development was started by DOVIDEQ medical in cooperation with the st Jansdal hospital in the Netherlands. UMC Utrecht participated in the development a few months later ensuring that the clinical validation and the search for generic threshold values could be determined. During this research ScopeControls have been tested in six hospitals in the Netherlands. Aspects such as robustness, accuracy , usability of the measured data, acceptation criteria and ergonomic aspects have been assessed by the University hospital UMC Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Endoscope Thresholds

The assessment resulted in the advised endoscope thresholds, considered to be in good condition. This means that the endoscope should not fall below a given threshold or exceed the viewing angle or field of view more then the listed degrees.

  • View Angle (VA) +/- 15 degrees
  • Field of View (FV) +/- 15 degrees
  • Lens Light Transmission (LT) 70%
  • Colour Correction (CC) 70%
  • Focus (FC) 70%
  • Fiber Transmission (FT) 35%


Testing endoscopes from within the workflow of the CSSD/SPD ensures that only usable endoscopes reach the OR. This leads to less delay in surgery. It also enables hospitals to exactly know how many endoscopes they own and what the status is of these endoscopes. Most hospitals do not know how many endoscopes they own. We believe that measuring endoscopes from within the workflow with ScopeControl and using these endoscope thresholds result in cost reduction.

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