DOVIDEQ medical signs contract with Schnorrenberg GmbH for ScopeControl

Schnorrenberg GmbH has the larger marketshare for repairs of endoscopes in Germany. The company is based in Schönwalde, north of Berlin. Bernard Holz is CEO. He saw the ScopeControl for the first time on the Medica exhibition and immediately saw the advantages of this devellopment.

Schnorrenberg is pleased with the first delivery of the ScopeControl. According to Mr. Holz, ScopeControl will help to improve the service proces for the company.

  1. Customers receive detailed reports about the repairs. Pictures show the defects. Customers will be pleased as they can see what they pay for.
  2. Speed and simplicity of the use of ScopeControl in combination with Schnorrenbergs IT process are benefitial for the internal production proces.
  3. Units in place at hospitals will result in early defect recognition of endoscopes which will result in lower costs for Schnorrenberg customers.

“The objective measuring method used by ScopControl, supported with pictures of the internal optics of the endoscopes give our customers a clear idea af what we do. It is definitely a value-add for our customers. This approach shows that Schnorrenberg is the number one in the repairmarkt for endoscopes” said Bernhard Holz, CEO Schnorrenberg.

Bert Dommerholt, CEO DOVIDEQ Medical, commented “We are pleased to welcome a new customer like Schnorrenberg. It is obvious that the activities of Schnorrenberg will help us in our first steps to enter the German market. Schnorrenberg has a good reputation in many hospitals and we expect spin-off at German hospitals who are willing to improve their quality control.”