CLINIUM to select ScopeControl

CLINIUM B.V. is the first service organization in the Netherlands to select ScopeControl®

Citing: Jacques Ongerboer de Visser, COO of CLINIUM
“Hospitals and clinics choose to work with CLINIUM for sterilization and OR logistics of sterile medical devices. The services of CLINIUM offer optimum quality and efficiency at a competitive cost level to customers. This way, hospitals save money and are able to focus on their core business – medical care.”

Why did CLINIUM chose ScopeControl?
“We see a number of benefits that arise after deployment of ScopeControl.”

  • We can offer an extra service for our customers through the quality process for rigid endoscopes. This differentiates us from the competition.
  • We are able to guarantee the quality of endoscopes for our customers and take appropriate action when the quality decreases below the threshold level.
  • We can take over the logistics of defective endoscopes and can check the quality of the repaired endoscopes.
  • We can predict how many repairs are to be expected for our customers over a certain period, so budget reservations can be made accordingly.
  • We can see particles and dirt in the endoscope after every use.
  • We will have a complete overview of the endoscopes in use for each individual customer.

“Overall, the ScopeControl is a logical and effective addition to the services for the customers of CLINIUM.”

What is the business model for CLINIUM?
“Actually, we are more looking into augmenting the service to our customers. The advantage is, that the investment is spread over multiple clients and the net costs for our customers are lower in contrast to purchasing a ScopeControl for themselves. In current days of retrenchment, this is very important.

Where does ScopeControl fits in your business model?
“In addition to the CSSD/MDRD function, we also take over the management of the sterile stock for the OR , we take care of the internal and external distribution, as well as the coordination and handling of the instrumentation. Also for the maintenance and repair of instruments.”

● Logistics:

Used endoscopes arrive here in the foul area. The ScopeControl is placed in the logistical workflow of instruments, immediately after cleaning and disinfection. All rigid endoscopes can be measured after every use. Once the endoscope has been approved, it is fixated, packaged, sterilized and transported back to the customer.

● Additional Service Advantages:

Our customers can monitor their endoscopes remotely. This way, they can see the measurement values and compile their own reports.

● Economic Benefits:

Because of the large amount of endoscopes due to the different hospitals, CLINIUM can offer their customers a highly economic and efficient additional service with the ScopeControl.