About us

Dovideq Medial Systems consists of a group of experienced professionals in R&D, Production, Marketing and Sales.
Together with our partners and customers, we strive to make useful and easy testing of tooling available for all hospitals on the planet.

Our current range of products is aimed at Central Sterilization Departments of professional hospitals and commercials CSDs, which get insight in endoscope usage as a whole and endoscope specifically. Our solutions lower overall operating costs, precious downtime of ORs and increase efficiency and effectiveness by automating vital processes, amongst which in repairs.

Our Method

A lot of work goes into testing endoscopes. Visual inspection, writing reports, tracking repairs, ordering replacements, adhering to the Standard Operating procedure, not to mention the risk of doing it wrong. Unfortunately, humans are not very reliable. One day they pass an endoscope that should have failed and viceversa, causing costs, delays and problems where it hurts most. At the patient. So much intricate, repetitive work is not what we were made for. And that’s why we made our products. They test every single endoscope on vital parameters and keep all results on record. So you can track any deterioration in quality and make sure to replace or repair specific endoscopes on time.

Automated endoscope testing

Predictable results

Quality Assurance and Control

Traceablitiy in quality, population and total cost of ownership

Repeatable SOP

Means quality compliance at a higher level

Our products



Light guide cable tester

Be ready for our newest innovation in measuring light guide cables and order your GuideControl today!

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The data matrix scanner

DoviSCAN is equipped with BlueLED technology to ensure reliable scanning of small 2D data matrix codes used on medical instruments for direct part marking (DPM).

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Start Optimizing

Endoscopemanager is the best endoscope and light guide asset management application.
We focus on endoscopes only and the complete workflow of use and exchange/repair. Fully automated logistics and follow up for the quality process of rigid endoscopes and light guide cables.

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The endoscope tester

ScopeControl® is a test and measurement device developed by DOVIDEQ medical to verify the quality of rigid endoscopes and securing quality assurance.

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Ber van Zon - Medical Technology

We have selected ScopeControl to secure the brand-agnostic testing of endoscopes, for its automated testing and reporting.

Jan Wilterdink - CSSD

“The reasons are simple”, says Jan Wilterdink. “For the first time it becomes possible to check and control the quality process of endoscopes. Objective measurements result in improved work processes and high standards for the instruments used during the operations. This is what we need. We like to improve our service from the CSSD to our customer the Operating theatre.”

Guido Kortleven
Guido Kortleven - head of medical instruments and control

This is really the first objective measuring method and results are stored automatically. This helps us to secure procedures conform the MIC committee (minimal invasive surgery) guidelines, says Guido Kortleven, head of medical instruments and control. It reduces costs and is the best tool to avoid defect endoscopes entering the operating theatre.

Michel Vonhof - Medical Technology

With ScopeControl we get to grips with quality management to become compliant with the covenant on safety when using medical technology in our hospital.